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Deputy County Appraiser



TITLE: Deputy County Appraiser


PAY LEVEL: Level 30 $34.96-$39.37


LOCATION: Leavenworth County Courthouse


                        35%                             1.   Supervises

                        10%                             2.   Appeal Hearings

                        35%                             3.   Analytical Work

                        10%                             4.   Customer Service

                        10%                             5.   Sales


Assists with the administrative and supervision of all annual work related to ad valorem tax valuation of real estate and personal property. Performs technical and analytical functions as they relate to annual market modeling, computer assisted land pricing, and Index and depreciation studies.  Responsible for commercial / multifamily analysis and valuation. Represents and defends real estate values at all levels of appeals. Reviews all sale file work. 

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:      (*Required prior to employment)

Knowledge of department policies and procedures.

Knowledge of applicable State and County laws, codes, and procedures relating to property appraisals.*

Knowledge of mass appraisal techniques, including CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) model building, multiple regression analysis, other appropriate statistical tools.*

 Knowledge of real estate and personal property appraisal theories, principles, practices and techniques.*

Skill in appraising real estate using the Cost, Direct Sales Comparison, and Income (Capitalization) approaches to value.*

Knowledge of the effects of social and economic trends affecting property valuation.*

Knowledge of and skill in supervising and communicating necessary information and training of staff.*

Knowledge of all applicable appraisal standards of practice and professional ethics.*

Knowledge of all ad valorem tax appeal processes for the State of Kansas.*

Skill in retrieving information from county imaging system.

Knowledge and use of county computer mapping system.


Defend county valuations at all levels of appeals.

Initiates and maintains contacts with real estate appraisers, real estate firms, financial institutions, etc., to obtain price, valuation, mortgage and other financial data required in the appraisal process.

Respond to inquiries by providing information to the public and county departments on the methods and procedures used by the Appraiser’s Office to value all properties and provide information on the appeal process.

ILLUSTRATIVE TASKS     (This is not an inclusive list; other tasks/duties may be assigned.)

Represents and defends the county at all levels of valuation appeals.

Establishes long range schedules, priorities and deadlines for regular and special work assignments.

Performs technical and analytical functions as they relate to annual market modeling.

Conducts employee performance evaluations.

Assists and instructs subordinates on valuations theory and techniques in accordance with appraisal standards of practice and professional ethics.

Represents the County Appraiser at the Board of County Commissioners meetings.

Successfully perform all aspects of PVD’s Substantial Compliance Review.

Develops and implements procedures necessary to accomplish the work of the department.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Approximately 75% of the work is performed in an office setting and 25% is spent in the field, exposing the employee to the weather extremes, various forms of precipitation and the hazards associated with traveling on public roads.



1.  Must have High School Diploma or GED

2.  Possess a valid driver’s license

3.  Must currently: (1) be a certified general real property appraiser pursuant to K.S.A. 58-4101 et sec. or the equivalent thereof from another State; (2) registered mass appraiser, RMA, pursuant to K.S.A. 19-420 and 19-432 and amendments thereto; (3) a valid residential evaluation specialist or certified assessment evaluation designation from the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

4. Must have a minimum of 3 years mass appraisal experience.


  1. Vision.                         Must be adequate for data entry, reviewing appeal records, and reviewing printed computer data.

  1. Hearing.                      Must be adequate for normal conversation and telephone communication. 

  1. Speech.                        Must be able to speak English clearly and clarify or give detailed facts and information.

  1. Standing.                     10% of the time – required when performing reviewing the work of subordinates and working with the public.

  1. Walking.                      15% of the time – required when moving around in the work area, field work, and moving between workstations and                                                  departments.

  1. Sitting.                        75% of the time – required when performing paper appraisal functions and traveling in vehicles.

  1. Lifting/Carrying          50 pounds – required when moving and accessing large files.

  1. Pushing/Pulling           10 pounds – required when moving accessing large files, opening doors and cabinet drawers.

9.  Climbing/Balancing     Required when negotiating stairs and accessing buildings and properties for inspections.

10. Stooping/Kneeling      Required when completing building and property inspections or retrieving or accessing files.

11. Reaching/Handling     Required on most tasks and when measuring properties for appraisal.

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-time

Salary Range : $34.96 - $39.37/hour

Work location : In person

Do you accept applicants under the age of 18? : No

Residency requirement : No

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